Noreastcon 47 Award Sponsors

Thank you to all Sponsors who help keep our hobby alive!



IPMS Patriot Chapter                        Cat. 108 Single & Multi-Eng. Aircraft 1/32 & larger

IPMS Patriot Chapter                        Best Automotive Award & Cat. 305 Street & Pro Machines

IPMS Roc City Modelers                    Cat. 106 Multiengine Prop & Cat. 206 Fully Tracked Open Top

IPMS Brooklyn Chapter                     Cat. 602 Fictional & Fantasy Vehicles, Equip, & Power Suites

IPMS Niagara Frontier Chapter         Cat. 302 & Best Auto
IPMS Niagara Frontier Chapter         Cat. 107, 307, & 701
IPMS Syracuse                                   Best Armor Award
IPMS Binghamton                              Cat. 111 Rotary
IPMS Granite State Modelers             Cat. 103 Small Jet
IPMS CT Yankee                                  Cat. 104 Single Eng Prop, Allied 1/48 in memory of Chuck Hime
IPMS NENY (Northest New York)      Best Aircraft Award
IPMSNJ (New Jersey)                        Cat. 402 Small Scale Ships
IPMS Mid Hudson (HVHMG)               Cat. 207 Softskin, Halftracks, & Armored Vehicles
IPMS Bay Colony                                Cat.  TBD
Richard Schulenberg of Niagara        Cat. 401 Oars, Sail, Man Powered Ships
Rob Riviezzo of LISMS                       Best Allied Armor Vehicle & Best Axis Armored Vehicle
Nick Filippone of NENY Chapter        Cat. 804 Paper Models
Gene Bagnoli                                      Cat. 403 Large Scale Ships
Mike Salzano                                      Cat. 201 Armor Small Scale
David & Patsy Schwab                       Cat. 603 Fictional & Fantasy Chacters