Handicapped Persons, Model Drop Off & Current News

I visited the museum today, April 20th. There are five handicapped parking spaces. The entrance to the lobby is through the front center door of the building. On either side are two large garage type doors used for exiting and entering the military vehicles. The handicapped can be dropped off near the front door and there is seating in the lobby. Your vehicle cannot remain near the building.


If you are dropping off models in the lobby, I will have a few tables in the lobby to place them on. You may also drive close to the front. Please leave the chairs free for sitting.


There are no food provisions on premises. Please prepare yourselves with lunch, snacks, and drinks if you do not want to leave the event. FOOD IS NOT PERMITTED IN THE LOBBY! Sorry about this inconvenience.


NEWS! The past two years, the museum acquired some military vehicles from the New England Armor Museum that closed down after 22 years in Danbury, CT. They have a few artillery guns added to indoor displays.