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RepLIcon 29 Winner List

                           RepLIcon 29 Contest Results

Hosted by the Long Island Scale Model Society

Freeport Recreation Center

Freeport, NY  11520


Aircraft Categories: 101-109

101:  PROP 1:72 Scale and Smaller

3rd Place          Mitsubishi ‘Zero’, “Hamp”              Steve Elie-Pierre

2nd Place         P-51D ‘Red Tails’                                Jim DiNicola

1st Place          P-47 ‘Thunderbolt’                           Dario Giuliano


102:  JET  1:72 Scale and Smaller

3rd Place          F-14A ‘Tomcat                     Robert Galletto

2nd Place          Mitsubishi F-1                     Marian Holly

1st Place          F-86E “El Diablo”                 Jim DiNicola


103:  PROP-Single Engine-1:48 Scale

3rd Place          Fiat CR-42                            Kyle Koppos

2nd Place          Kawasaki Ki-61 “Tony”      Frederick J Seitz III

1st Place          P-47D ‘Thunderbolt’          Frank Steffens


104:  JET-Single and Multi Engine-1:48 Scale

3rd Place          F-15 “Strike Eagle”              Mario Pagano

2nd Place          F84G                                     Frank Steffens

1st Place           F-4J “Phantom II”               Paul Diederich


105:  PROP & JET, Single and Multi-Engine-1:32 Scale and Larger

1st Place          Focke-Wulf Ta-152             Robert DeMaio


106:  Helicopter/Rotary Wing-All Types and Scales

2nd Place          Israeli AH ‘Cobra’               Mario Pagano

1st Place           OH-6A “Cayuse”                 Steve Elie-Pierre


107:  Civilian Aircraft-All Types and Scales



108:  Vacform-Scratch built and Major Conversions, All Types and Scales



109:  SPACECRAFT-Non Fictional-All Types and Scales

2nd Place          Lunar Lander                       Paul Bierce

1st Place           Apollo 11 LEM                    Luis Silva



Armored Vehicle Categories: 201-209

201:  Tracked and Wheeled Vehicles, 1: 72 Scale and Smaller

3rd Place          French Char B1                   Daniel Horvath

2nd Place          German Captured T-34     Joseph Yeager

1st Place           M-35 Gun Truck                 Tim Greeman


202:  Tracked and Wheeled Vehicles, 1:48 Scale and Under 1:35 Scale

1st Place          German Marder IIIM         Joseph Yeager

203:  Tracked Vehicles- CLOSED TOP-Pre 1946, AXIS-1:35 Scale and Larger

3rd Place          ATV                                        Georg Eyerman

2nd Place          M13-40                                 Joe Yeager

1st Place          Panther Ausf G                    Dan Feldman


204:   Tracked Vehicles-CLOSED TOP-Pre 1946, ALLIED-1:35 Scale and Larger

3rd Place TIE    A9 Cruiser Tank                 Bill Koppos

3rd Place TIE   M3A1  Lee CDL                    Lou Ursino

2nd Place         Warsaw Panther G             Georg Eyerman

1st Place         Late M4A1              Sherman           John Stimitz


205:  Tracked Vehicles-CLOSED TOP-Post 1945, 1:35 Scale and Larger

3rd Place          USMC M-26                         Al Bubnis

2nd Place         T-64A Model 1981              Georg Eyerman

1st Place          D9R Armored Bulldozer     James Lisa


206:  Tracked Vehicles-OPEN TOP-All Eras, 1:35 Scale and Larger

2nd Place           Opel Maultier w/ 3,7 cm FLAK       Horst Hopf

1st Place            Desert Demag SDKFZ 10                 Joe Yeager


207:  Wheeled Vehiclesand Half Tracks -All Types, 1:35 Scale and Larger

3rd Place             SDKFZ 251/2C  32cm                                    Robert DeMaio

2nd Place             British Lancaster WWI  Armored Car       Al Bubnis

1st Place             .50 Cal, Quad Gun Truck                             James Guld


208:  Ordnance and Towed, 1:35 Scale and Larger

3rd Place           M30 122mm Howitzer                    Tim Greeman

2nd Place           German PAK 40                                Joe Yeager

1st Place                7.5 PAK 97/40                               Steve Andeano


209:   Vac-Forms, Scratchbuilts and Major Converts-All Types and Scales

3rd Place            SDKFZ 69 Krupp SPG/Protz             Joe Yeager

2nd Place            Pzjg I                                                  Tim Greeman

1st Place          Gin Palace, Bedford QLR                   James Guld



Automotive Categories:  301-307

301:  STREET STOCK, (Including Fire and Police), 1:42 to 1:20 Scales

3rd Place            M-B 300 Convertible                      Rich Caserma

2nd Place             2013 Ford Mustang                     Jim Boulukos

1st Place               1961 Pontiac Ventura                  Lenny Cromwell


302A:  CUSTOM, 1:42 to 1:20 Scales

3rd Place              1964 Pontiac Bonneville                             Lenny Cromwell

2nd Place             Ford Model ‘T’ Street Rod           Rich Caserma

1st Place              American Motors Rambler         Edward Wormly


302B:   AUTOMOTIVE- Resin Body Kits, All Scales

3rd Place              “Flipper”  Tour Van 1983             James Guldl

2nd Place             VW Fuel Altered                            Lenny Cromwell

1st Place              1955 Chevrolet Custom Pick up Edward Wormly


303:  Competition-OPEN WHEEL, 1:42 to 1:20 Scales

2nd Place             Hemi Dodge                                   Gary Morgan

1st Place              1967 Corvette Drag Car               Lenny Cromwell


304:  Competition-CLOSED WHEEL, 1:42 to 1:20 Scales

2nd Place             Mercedes C-9                                 Rich Caserma

1st Place              Grans Sport                                    Nigel Spencer


305:  Commercial Vehicles and Trucks, 1:42 to 1:20 Scales

3rd Place              1969 Ford F-100                            Lenny Cromwell

2nd Place             Model ‘A’ Tow Truck                    Joe Yeager        

1st Place              Truck w/ Changed Cab                 Gary Morgan


306:  AUTOMOTIVE-ALL TYPES, 1:19 Scale and Larger



307:  Motorcycles-All Types and Scales

2nd Place             RM Chopper                                   Daniel Horvath

1st Place              1:12 Scale Ducati 1199                 Bobby Hon



Ships: 401-405

401:  ENGINE Powered Vessels, 1:500 Scale and Smaller



402:  ENGINE Powered Vessels, LARGER than 1:500 Scale

2nd Place             PT-109                               Mario Pagano

1st Place              USS Helena                       Felix Bustelo


403:  SUBMARINES, All Scales

3rd Place              Japanese Navy Submarine          Daniel Horvath

2nd Place             I-19 Japanese Submarine            Robert DeMaio

1st Place              British X-Craft Midget Sub           Al Bubnis


404:  SAIL Powered, All Types and Scales

1st Place              Topsail Schooner, “Eagle”           Rick Verriest


05:  WOOD SHIP MODELS, All Types and Scales




Figure Categories:  501-504

501:  54 mm and Smaller

3rd Place              US Paratroop, 82ns AB, 6 June, 1944      Rich Marotta

2nd Place             French General of the Hussars                 James Powles   

1st Place              Lweis Gunner, WWI                                    John Espey


502:  LARGER than 54 mm

3rd Place              Brennan’s Sharpshooter                            Luis Silva

2nd Place             Angel of Death                               James Powles

1st Place              English Archer                                John Espey


503:   MOUNTED, All Scales

2nd Place             Mask of Zorro                                Robert DeMaio

1st Place              Celtic Horseman                            Luis Sila


504:  BUSTS and HALF Figures

2nd Place             Syren                                               Rick Verriest

1st Place              Nosferatu                                       Luis Silva



Science Fiction and Fantasy Categories:  601-605

601:  FICTIONAL Spacecraft

3rd Place              Millenniam Falcon                        Christopher Robledo

2nd Place             Eagle 1-B Spaceship                      Jeffery Pollizzotto

1st Place              Battlestar Galactica BSGG2         Scott M


602A:  FICTIONAL and FANTASY Vehicles-(NOT Spacecraft)

3rd Place              Lost in Space                                  Daniel Horvath

2nd Place             Ma.K                                                Chris Robledo

1st Place              Hawk Shroud Imperial Knt          Rick Verriest


602B:  FICTIONAL and FANTASY Vehicles-GUNDAMS, All Scales

3rd Place:             Leo Phage                                                     Julio Aponte

2nd Place             Dijeh “Scope Day Custom”                        Ricardo Ruiz

1st Place              1:100 Scale FA-78-1 Gundam Resin         Anthony Ma



3rd Place              The Death Dealer                          Al Bubnis

2nd Place             REI                                                    Dan Moore

1st Place              Scarab Assasin                               Adrian Debattista



1st Place              Nagash Lord of the Undead        Rick Verriest



3rd Place TIE       Stephanie Fox, Bounty Hunter   Luis Silva

3rd Place TIE       Fish Submersible                           James Boulukos

2nd Place             Red Comet                                      Anthont Ma

1st Place              HMS  Sojourner                                           Jeffery Pollizzotto



Diorama Categories: 701-703

701:  DIORAMA-SMALL, Having a Twelve Inch base and smaller

3rd Place              Russian Ski Troops                        Daniel Horvath

2nd Place             “PULL!!”                                           Steve Andreano             

1st Place              M8 Armored Car                           James Guld


702:  DIORAMA-LARGE, Having a Base Larger Than Twelve Inches

3rd Place              “February 27th”                              Gary Morgan

2nd Place             “Final Encounter”                          Adrian DeBattista

1st Place              “Fighter Boys”                                Seamus C. Bowe



703:  VIGNETTES-(2 to 4 figures ONLY-NO VEHICLES), All Eras and Scales

3rd Place              Japanese Pack Howitzer                             Steve Andreano

2nd Place             Roman Urbane Cohorts                             Luis Silva            

1st Place              German Prisoner, July 1916        John Espey



Triathlon, Quintathalon and Miscellaneous Categories: 801-803

801:  Triathlon-Three Unrelated Subjects-All Scales



802:  Quintathalon-Five RELATED Subjects



803:  Miscellaneous- See Rule 16

3rd Place              Zaka Intercepttor                          Mikkel Sumoza

2nd place             Allison Turbo Prop Engine           Matt Kozerski

1st Place              Jamaican Air Force Fantasy         Nigel Spencer



Junior Category:  901

901:  JUNIORS- 13 and Under, All Types and Scales

2nd Place             Plymouth Prowler                         Florencia Bellenger

1st Place              RMS Titanic                                    Nathan Trocchino



“BEST OF” Awards

AIRCRAFT                         P-47D “Thunderbolt”                   Frank Steffens

ARMOR                                           Gin Palace Bedford QLR               Jim Guld

AUTO                                1961 Pontiac Ventura                   Lenny Cromwell

SHIP                                   USS Helena                                     Felix Bustelo

FIGURE                             English Archer                                John Espey

Sci-Fi                                  Battlestar Galactica BSG-62         Scott M

DIORAMA                        “Fighter Boys”                                Seamus C Bowe

BEST ENGLISH SUBJECT “Fighter Boys”                               Seamus C Bowe

JUDGES BEST IN SHOW  “Fighter Boys”                               Seamus C Bowe

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