RepLIcon 31 Contest Winners

March 25, 2023

Hosted by the Long Island Scale Model Society

Freeport Recreation Center

Freeport, NY  11520


Aircraft Categories: 101-109

101:  PROP 1:72 Scale & Smaller

Sponsor: Northeast New York Chapter

3rd Place          Bf 109 G-9                             Andrew Armstrong  

2nd Place         P-51                                       Rommel Xu      

1st Place          Ventura                                   Allan Buttrick 


 102:  JET 1:72 Scale & Smaller

3rd Place         N/A         

2nd Place        A4-A1 Skyhawk                      John Friday        

1st Place          F-15E                                     Robert Galletto 


103:  PROP-Single & Multi Engine-1:48 Scale

3rd Place          Fokker Dr 1                            Andy Tedtsen

2nd Place         Reggiane 2005                      Kyle Koppos        

1st Place          A6 M2                                    Rommel Xu  


104:  JET-Single & Multi-Engine-1:48 Scale

Sponsor: IPMS Southern Maine Scale Modelers

3rd Place          BQM Fire bee                         Steve Adler        

2nd Place         Israeli F-15 C                         Paul Diederich       

1st Place -       F-14 Prototype                        Tom Urban



105:  PROP & JET, Single and Multi-Engine-1:32 Scale & Larger

Sponsor: IPMS Brooklyn Plastic Modelers


3rd Place          Black Tulip                             Gus Garcia

2nd Place         Fokker Triplane                      Allan Buttrick

1st Place          F-14 D                                    John McCormick      



106:  Helicopter/Rotary Wing-All Types & Scales


107:  Civilian Aircraft-All Types & Scales

3rd Place          Winnie Mae Vega                  Marshall Voilzard

2nd Place         Airbus 320-200                       Frank Steffens

1st Place         Gulf Hawk III                          Matt Kozerski


108:  Vacform-Scratch built and Major Conversions, All Types & Scales


3rd Place          Handley Page 042                 Fred Hutchins

2nd Place        Kawasaki K-61                        Bill Koppos

1st Place -       F-4 S Phantom II                    John McCormick


Armored Vehicle Categories: 201-209


201:  Tracked and Wheeled Vehicles, 1: 72 Scale & Smaller


Sponsor: IPMS- Long Island Scale Modelers Society


3rd Place          Type 2 Ka-Mi                         Mike Salzano

2nd Place          Stug III Ausf. G.                      Joseph Yeager

1st Place          Panzer I B                              Andy Tedtsen



202:  Tracked and Wheeled Vehicles, 1:48 Scale & Under 1:35 Scale


Sponsor: IPMS Patriot Chapter


3rd Place           N/A

2nd Place         German Staff Car                  Joseph Yeager

1st Place           Soviet Jeep                            Anthony Filipovic



203:  Tracked Vehicles- CLOSED TOP-Pre 1946, AXIS-1:35 Scale & Larger


3rd Place          Short Track Jagdpanther           Dan Feldman

2nd Place          Pz0 1A 5th Leichte Div.              Phillip Lechmanski

1st Place           Armored Train                            Steven O’Connell                  










204 A:   Tracked Vehicles-CLOSED TOP-Pre 1946, ALLIED-1:35 Scale & Larger


Sponsor: Connecticut Yankee


3rd Place          Vickers 6-ton Chinese           Bill Koppos

2nd Place         Soviet Tank Destroyer           Anthony Filiponic

1st Place          KV-1S                                     Jim Guld


204 B:   Tracked Vehicles- US Built CLOSED TOP-Pre 1946 -1:35 Scale & Larger


3rd Place          Worn Whitewash                     Dan Feldman

2nd Place         British Firefly                           Rob Desanti

1st Place-         Lend Lease                             Neil Stoke



205:  Tracked Vehicles-CLOSED TOP-Post 1945, 1:35 Scale & Larger


3rd Place          Japanese Type 61                  Georg Eyerman

2nd Place         M163 Vulcan                           John McCormack    

1st Place          BTM Trench Digger                Steven O’Connell



206:  Tracked Vehicles-OPEN TOP-All Eras, 1:35 Scale & Larger


3rd Place          Marder I FCM 3                      Joe Yeager

2nd Place         Russian ZSU-57 SPAAG        Steven O’Connell

1st Place          -M1 Combat Car                     Andy Tedtsen



207A:  Wheeled Vehicles Unarmored -All Types, 1:35 Scale & Larger


3rd Place          Opel Admiral                          James Guld

2nd Place         Opel Blitz                               Joe Yeager

1st Place          Gaz 66                                   Steven O’Connell



207A:  Wheeled Vehicles Armored -All Types, 1:35 Scale & Larger


3rd Place          Minerva                                  Steven Santucci

2nd Place         Humm-vee                             Georg Eyerman

1st Place          Dk.FC 234/c                           Rob Desanti









208:  Ordnance and Towed, 1:35 Scale & Larger


Sponsor: IPMS Central Connecticut


3rd Place          20 CM Flak 38                        Joe Yeager

2nd Place         Kropp Kruncher                      Steve Santucci

1st Place          Jap 75 mm Field Gun             Steve Andreano


209:  Vac-Forms, Scratchbuilts & Major Converts-All Types & Scales


3rd Place          Sdkfz 3A                                 Rick Verriest

2nd Place         Demag                                   Joe Yeager

1st Place          JS-1                                        Georg Eyerman



Automotive Categories:  301-307


301:  STREET STOCK, (Including Fire and Police), 1:42 to 1:20 Scales


Sponsored: IPMS Wings and Wheels


3rd Place             Enzo Ferrari                         Paul Piotrowski

2nd Place            1961 Chevy Impala             Greg Hunt

1st Place             1969 Dodge Dart GTS         Frank Steffens



302:  CUSTOM, 1:42 to 1:20 Scales


Sponsor: Long Island Auto Replica Society (LIARS)


3rd Place            1932 Ford 5 Window Coupe            Gram Spina

2nd Place           1949 Mercury                                    Bob Seagraves

1st Place            1965 Chevy Pickup Truck                Greg Hunt



303:  Competition-OPEN WHEEL, 1:42 to 1:20 Scales-


3rd Place              Fiat Dragster                       Lenny Cromwell

2nd Place            1971 VW Beetle                  Sergey Nabora

1st Place             1955 Kurtis Kraft                  Greg Hunt


304:  Competition-CLOSED WHEEL, 1:42 to 1:20 Scales


3rd Place               Ferrari 512                         Allan Buttrick

2nd Place              1933 Willys Coupe              Greg Hunt

1st Place              1940 Willys Coupe              Sergey Nabora



305:  Commercial Vehicles and Trucks, 1:42 to 1:20 Scales


3rd Place            Plumbers Pickup Truck        Tony Asselta

2nd Place           Tractor                                   Jim Lisa        

1st Place            Albion # 20 Fire Truck          Ron Lambert






306:  AUTOMOTIVE-ALL TYPES, 1:19 Scale & Larger


3rd Place           1932 Ford Coupe Modified               Joe Seeger              

2nd Place          Lartigue                                              Paul Drago 

1st Place           NASCAR Buddy Baker race car       Frank Agugliaro  



307:  Motorcycles-All Types & Scales


3rd Place              N/A

2nd Place             Harley Davidson                     John Matthews

1st Place              Yamaha Road Star                 Lenny Cromwell



Ships: 401-405


401:  ENGINE Powered Vessels, 1:500 Scale & Smaller


Sponsor: IPMS New Jersey


3rd Place             N/A

2nd Place             N/A

1st Place             USS Maury                          John Fox



402:  ENGINE Powered Vessels, LARGER than 1:500 Scale


Sponsor: IPMS Connecticut Marine Model Society


3rd Place             USS PC 472                        John Fox

2nd Place            HMS Rhyl                             Felix Bustelo

1st Place             USS Hornet CV 8               Martin Quinn


403:  SUBMARINES, All Scales


3rd Place              The Turtle                           Steve Santucci     

2nd Place             German SMU-5                  Mike Salzano

1st Place              German U-96                      Martin Quinn


404:  SAIL Powered, All Types and Scales


No Entities


405:  WOOD SHIP MODELS, All Types & Scales


3rd Place           N/A

2nd Place           N/A          

1st Place           18 Century Warship               Jim Lisa    



Figure Categories:  501-504


501:  54 mm & Smaller


Sponsor: IPMS North Shore Scale Modelers


3rd Place             German Soldier Ammo Carrier       Joe Yeager    

2nd Place            Play Ball                                           Steve Santucci   

1st Place             Cleopatra                                        James Powles


502:  LARGER than 54 mm


Sponsor: IPMS Mid-Hudson Valley Historical Miniatures Guild


3rd Place              Snowman Flat                    Rick Verriest

2nd Place             Eve what have you Done   James Powles

1st Place              Morrigan                              Armita Pebdani


503:   MOUNTED, All Scales


3rd Place             N/A

2nd Place             N/A

1st Place              Until the end of the War     James Powles


504:  BUSTS & HALF Figures


3rd Place         Draugur Bust               Julie Guadalupe    

2nd Place        Batman                         Andrew Yeng

1st Place         Cima                            Dan Moore



Science Fiction and Fantasy Categories:  601-605



601:  FICTIONAL Spacecraft (All)


Sponsor: Atlantis Toys & Hobbies


3rd Place          Thunderbird                             Paul Diederich           

2nd Place         Arcadia Ship                           Dan Moore            

1st Place          Klingon Ktinga                        Scott Moro





602:  FICTIONAL & FANTASY Vehicles- All (Not Spacecraft)


3rd Place              Head me Down                   Neil Stocker            

2nd Place             Dorvack                               Dan Moore

1st Place (tie)      Mak Super Krote                 Steve O’Connell

1st Place (tie)      Sturmkafer                           Chris Robledo




Sponsor: IPMS Down East


3rd Place          Optimus Prime                        Huan Yi Li       

2nd Place         Ryujinmere                              Dan Moore          

1st Place          Dwarf Adventurer                   Rick Verriest           


604:  WARGAMING – Fantasy & Fictional


Sponsor: Binghamton Scale Modelers


3rd Place          N/A

2nd Place         Faldora Goblin                        Rick Verriest  

1st Place          Knight Armiger                        Andrew Obergh        


605:   STEAMPUNK – all types & scales


3rd Place          N/A

2nd Place                     N/A

1st Place                      S.T.U.                          Julio Guadalupo    


606: GUNDAM 1/144 Scale


3rd Place          RG Sazabi                              Min Jeong                  

2nd Place         Zeon Remaants                      Po Zhang                   

1st Place          Custom Zaku II                       Harry Dods                 .          



 607: GUNDAM 1/100 Scale


3rd Place           Barbatos Lupus Rex              Gergey Neboka          

2nd Place         Gundam GMEL                      Armita Pebdani      

1st Place (tie)       Barbatos Shin Mushc         Haau-Yi Li      

1st Place (tie)       Linburn                                Andrew Yeung           







608: GUNDAM 1/48 & 1/60 Scale


3rd Place                      N/A                 

2nd Place                     N/A                 

1st Place                      RX-78 Gundam                       Min Jeong                                                                                                                                                                      



Diorama Categories: 701-703


701:  DIORAMA-SMALL, Having a twelve-inch base and smaller


Sponsor: IPMS Niagara Frontier


3rd Place            Comrade You’ll Score the Fish        Georg Eyerman

2nd Place            Grandpa Backyard                           Po Zhang             

1st Place             Otter Armored Car                          James Guld


702:  DIORAMA-LARGE, Having a Base Larger Than Twelve Inches


3rd Place              N/A

2nd Place             Desert Maneuvers                          Joe Yeager

1st Place              The eye of the needle                    Frank Steffens


 703:  VIGNETTES-(2 to 4 figures ONLY-NO VEHICLES), All Eras and Scales


Sponsor: IPMS: Bay Colony Historical Modelers


3rd Place              Japanese 70 mm Gun                    Andy Tedtsen

2nd Place             Compassion                                    Steve Santucci           

1st Place              1428 Elm Street                              Neal Deconte



Triathlon, Miscellaneous & Beginner Categories: 801-803


801:  Triathlon-Three Unrelated Subjects-All Scales




802:  Miscellaneous- See Rule 16


3rd Place              German Bicycle                  Frank Socci

2nd Place             37 mm Flak Guns               Joe Yeager

1st Place              Lee/Brook Railroad Gun    Steve Santucci 


803: Beginner Category all scales & types


3rd Place          N/A          

2ndPlace          Y Wing Starfighter                  Scott Brower 

1st Place           Type 95 Japanese Tank        Justin Pinard 



Junior Category:  901


901:  JUNIORS- 17 and Under, All Types and Scales


Sponsor – Long Island Scale Modelers Society


 All Juniors received Gold Medallions for the following:


Jiaming Zhong                        RX-78   G3

Jackie Zhong                          Chocolarier

Florencia Bellenger                 NASCAR Racing Car

Will Santucci                           AT-ST



“Best Of Awards”


AIRCRAFT                           F-4 Phantom II                   John McCormick

Sponsor – Peter Rottas


ARMOR                            KV-15                                     Jim Guld

Sponsor - Rob Riviezzo                                          


AUTO                                     Albion No. 20 Fire Truck   Ron Lambert

Sponsor – Jim Boulukos


SHIP                                       USS Hornet CV 8                 Martin Quinn  

Sponsor- Doug Tantillo   


FIGURE                                  Cleopatra                                James Powles

Sponsor- Tom Urban                          

Sci-Fi                                     Mak Super Krote                  Steve O’Connell  

Sponsor- Atlantis Hobbies     


DIORAMA                           The Eye of the Needle   Frank Steffens

Sponsor – Owen Francis 


2023 Show Theme                F-14D Tomcat         John McCormick

20th Anniversary of Operation 

 Iraqi Freedom

Sponsor- Long Island Scale Modelers



JUDGES BEST IN SHOW -   USS Hornet CV 8   Martin Quinn



Sponsor – Jim Boulukos