The USS Intrepid Aircraft Carrier Model


This 1/72 scale aircraft carrier of the USS Intrepid of WWII was scratch built by Doctor Arm of Long Island, NY in the 1990’s. He donated it to the American Airpower Museum. A base on wheels and a hugh plexiglass cover was made for mobility and protection. In 2011 the Suffolk Scale Model Club who meet monthly at the museum and the Long Island Scale Model Society joined together to give the carrier a facelift. We noticed there were some incorrect aircraft, the wing folds on some were incorrect as were the markings for that carrier. There were too many figures on the carrier deck around the island and no figures manning the guns. Fred Seitz III headed the facelift. The correct compliment of F6F Hellcat, SBD Dauntless and TBF Avenger models were purchased and built by members.



The carrier deck was repainted and both deck and hull was weathered. Some two hundred twenty figures were reworked to be placed around the guns and catwalks. Two plaques were made, one describing the carrier scene and the other listing credits to those who donated their building time. The carrier scene depicts the USS Intrepid on October 24, 1944 readying aircraft for flight in the southwest Pacific to defend against the approaching Japanese naval force in the Sibuyan Sea. The battle lasted four days of intense air and ship battles that became known as the Battle of Leyte Gulf.