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RepLIcon 30 Sponsors

Thank you for all the generous support from the IPMS chapters and people below. With your help, the hobby shows continue. THANK YOU...!!!


Sponsor Name                        Trophiy Packages or Donations

Atlantis Toys                             Cat 601

RepLIcon 30 Attending Vendors

As Vendors register  for RepLIcon 30, this list will be revised as needed.

       VENDOR                 TABLES             SELLING

Louie Vasquez                    3          Tools

Get it on Paper                   2          Kits & more kits

Collector's Paridise            3          Hobby Collectables

Quadrant Collectables       1           Hobby kits, books and items

Gene Bagnoli                      7          Kits, books, mags

Face Company                    1

John Golden                        1

John Jorge                          1

Club Members                     7           Various Kits, books, & accessories

Steve Jacobson                   1

Atlantis Toys                       1           Kits

Heros & Legends                 3