RepLIcon 30 Contest Winners

RepLIcon 30 Contest Results - March 26, 2022

Hosted by the Long Island Scale Model Society

Freeport Recreation Center

Freeport, NY  11520


 Aircraft Categories: 101-109

101:  PROP 1:72 Scale and Smaller

3rd Place   Mitsubishi A6M2          Steve Adler     

2nd Place   ME 110-G                      Allan Buttrick 

1st Place    SBD – 2                          Dario Giuliano  


102:  JET 1:72 Scale and Smaller

3rd Place    Horten XII B                 Don Illjez    

2nd Place   Harrier                           John Friday     

1st Place    Rafale M                       Robert Galletto


103:  PROP-Single Engine-1:48 Scale

3rd Place   T6 – G                               Mike Mackley       

2nd Place   P 51-D Ridge Runner   Paul Diederich       

1st Place   Ki- 84                   Dario Giuliano    


104:  JET-Single and Multi-Engine-1:48 Scale

3rd Place    Lippich P-2                    Don Illjes

2nd Place   SU 27 Flanker B           Paul Diederich      

1st Place   F-16 Aggressor              Tom Urban  


105:  PROP & JET, Single and Multi-Engine-1:32 Scale and Larger

3rd Place   Bell X-1                           Steve Adler   

2nd Place   Zero                               John Friday         

1st Place    P-40- F                           Bill Koppos   


106:  Helicopter/Rotary Wing-All Types and Scales

3rd Place      N/A

2nd Place     N/A

1st Place        Kamov 25-A              Kosta Lulejanov


107:  Civilian Aircraft-All Types and Scales

3rd Place    N/A    

2nd Place   N/A      

1st Place     Swiss Air A220-100    Steve Jacobson 


108:  Vacform-Scratch built and Major Conversions, All Types and Scales

3rd Place      N/A

2nd Place     N/A    

1st Place        Junkers 390 U-3                      Fred Hutchins

109:  SPACECRAFT-Non-Fictional-All Types and Scales

3rd Place      N/A

2nd Place     Mercury Little Joe                    Ron Morini

1st Place        Gene Cernan                           Allan Buttrick



Armored Vehicle Categories: 201-209

201:  Tracked and Wheeled Vehicles, 1: 72 Scale and Smaller

3rd Place      Panzer IX l 70                            Mike Salzano       

2nd Place      Sherman III “Cocky”               Andy Tedtsen                    

1st Place          Sdkfz 231/7 Ausf C               Joe Yeager    


202:  Tracked and Wheeled Vehicles, 1:48 Scale and Under 1:35 Scale

3rd Place   N/A  

2nd Place    Munition Schlepper 38             Joe Yeager      

1st Place     T-55                                              Steve Radjoust


203:  Tracked Vehicles- CLOSED TOP-Pre 1946, AXIS-1:35 Scale and Larger


3rd Place   Panzer IV Ausf J                           Rick Verriest       

2nd Place   Hungarian Turan III                    Gus Garcia    

1st Place   Panther D                                      Steve Andreano        


204-A:   Tracked Vehicles-CLOSED TOP-Pre 1946, ALLIED-1:35 Scale and Larger

                Pre 1946 Allied (Light)

3rd Place     7 TP Light Tank                          Bill Koppos

2nd Place    M3 Honey                                   James Guld   

1st Place     FT -17 Renault                            Steve O’Connell


 204-B:   Tracked Vehicles-CLOSED TOP-Pre 1946, ALLIED-1:35 Scale and Larger

                Pre 1946 Allied (Heavy)

3rd Place   M3 Lend Lease                            Bill Koppos

2nd Place   Jumbo Sherman                          Dan Feldman     

1st Place    KV 1/KV 1S Hybrid                      Neil Stokes


205:  Tracked Vehicles-CLOSED TOP-Post 1945, 1:35 Scale and Larger

3rd Place    M1 Panther                                 Rich Marotta

2nd Place    T34/122                                      Steven O’Connell   

1st Place      USMC M60                                Georg Eyerman  


206:  Tracked Vehicles-OPEN TOP-All Eras, 1:35 Scale and Larger

3rd Place    Hungarian nimrod Anti A/C Gun            Gus Garcia          

2nd Place    M-16 Halftrack                                         Frank Socci    

1st Place     German Lorraine MardeI                        Joe Yeager                                 


207:  Wheeled Vehicles and Half Tracks -All Types, 1:35 Scale and Larger

3rd Place    Gun Truck                                                   Steven O’Connell  

2nd Place    Hungarian Csaba Armored Car              Gus Garcia                   

1st Place      German Armored Flak Truck                 Joe Yeager


208:  Ordnance and Towed, 1:35 Scale and Larger

3rd Place   Italian 95 MM Costal Gun                        Steve Andreano 

2nd Place   BM -21                                                        Jim Guld    

1st Place    Mazz & TG2                                                Steven O’Connell     


209:   Vac-Forms, Scratchbuilts and Major Converts-All Types and Scales




Automotive Categories:  301-307

301:  STREET STOCK, (Including Fire and Police), 1:42 to 1:20 Scales

3rd Place      1970 ½ Camano Z28 Greg Hunt     

2nd Place     Nissan Skyliner GT                    Paul Piotrowski       

1st Place      Toyota GR Supra                      Jim Boulukos           


302:  CUSTOM, 1:42 to 1:20 Scales

3rd Place   1939 Ford Coupe         Greg Hunt           

2nd Place   Model A                        Tony Asselta            

1st Place    1964 Olds 442              Lenny Cromwell                  


303:  Competition-OPEN WHEEL, 1:42 to 1:20 Scales

3rd Place Drag Replica                       John Wolksewitz

2nd Place 1937 Chevy Modified     Bob Seagraves             

1st Place Don Garlits Dragster         Paul Drago           


304:  Competition-CLOSED WHEEL, 1:42 to 1:20 Scales

3rd Place   Arnie Beswick 1962 Chevy         Lenny Cromwell

2nd Place   1949 Ford Gasser                       Bob Seagraves        

1st Place    1969 Ford Falcon                        Greg Hunt        


305:  Commercial Vehicles and Trucks, 1:42 to 1:20 Scales

3rd Place    1937 Ford C600                          Tony Asselta          

2nd Place    Soviet S15 Transport Joe Yeager           

1st Place     Tractor                                        Chris Ortieb        


306:  AUTOMOTIVE-ALL TYPES, 1:19 Scale and Larger

1st Place     BMW Isetta 250                        Jim Boulukos        


307:  Motorcycles-All Types and Scales

2nd Place     VW Beetle Scooter                  Jim Boulukos       

1st Place      Custom Chopper                      Greg Hunt           



Ships: 401-405

401:  ENGINE Powered Vessels, 1:500 Scale and Smaller

3rd Place    N/A           

2nd Place   N/A              

1st Place   IJN Yamoto                    Brain Miller              


402:  ENGINE Powered Vessels, LARGER than 1:500 Scale

3rd Place   Russian Armored Gunboat        Mike Salzano        

2nd Place   HMS Aubretia                              Felix Bustelo              

1st Place    Tirpitz                                            Martin Quinn   


403:  SUBMARINES, All Scales

3rd Place      N/A     

2nd Place   USS Gato                       Brain Miller     

1st Place    USS Argonaut               Felix Bustelo         


404:  SAIL Powered, All Types and Scales



 05:  WOOD SHIP MODELS, All Types and Scales




Figure Categories:  501-504

501:  54 mm and Smaller

3rd Place   SS Panzer Grenadier                      Andy Tedtsen                         

2nd Place   Continental Marine                      Scott Miller       

1st Place    German Falllschirmjager              Rich Marotta        


 502:  LARGER than 54 mm

3rd Place    Frederick of Swabia                                  Floyd Bazin       

2nd Place   21st Royal Scots Fusiliers                         Scott Miller

1st Place    Mary Reed                                                  Rick Veriest           


503:   MOUNTED, All Scales

No Entries


504:  BUSTS and HALF Figures

3rd Place   Cyber Punk Girl                            Rick Veriest          

2nd Place   Blackjack Bust                             Dan Moore    

1st Place    Dark Knight                                  Floyd Bazin        



Science Fiction and Fantasy Categories:  601-605

601:  FICTIONAL Spacecraft

3rd Place   Star Trek Galileo                                Ron Morini       

2nd Place   Space 1999 Eagle Transporter      Scott Muro

1st Place    Enterprise NX-01                               Paul Diederich    


602:  FICTIONAL and FANTASY Vehicles

3rd Place     M51 Fighting Scout Vehicle  Frank Socci

2nd Place   MAK Pak Kiote                            Neil Stokes   

1st Place    Purple Bear & Girl                       Don Moore                  



3rd Place   Mars Attacks                                Frank Socci                      

2nd Place   Kaworo                                        Dan Moore    

1st Place    2001 Manolith                            Allan Buttrick 




3rd Place    Tech Priest                                  Andrew Obergh    

2nd Place     Warhammer Giant                   Rick Verriest

1st Place       March of the Titans Steven O’Connell                    



3rd Place   N/A

2nd Place   N/A        

1st Place    US 1947 Mark 1 Armor Suit                     Robert Lomassar Jr 


606 – Gundam 1/144 Scale

3rd Place    On the Wings of Love                              Mcaries Amistad                   

2nd Place   FD-03 Gustav Karl                                     Rick Verriest                 

1st Place    City Battle                                                   Po Zhang

607 – Gundam 1/100 Scale

3rd Place    N/A       

2nd Place    Battle                                                          Leo Lee                    

1st Place     Winter to Spring                                       Po Zhang


608- Gundam 1/48 Scale

3rd Place      N/A  

2nd Place    RX-93                                                          Steven O’Connell                  

1st Place      Stieg Zeon                                                 Po Zhang        



Diorama Categories: 701-703

701:  DIORAMA-SMALL, Having a Twelve Inch base and smaller

3rd Place   Spitfire VI                                      Allan Buttrick 

2nd Place   Leningrad                                     Steven O’Connell 

1st Place   Somewhere on the                     Richard Marotta   

                   Eastern Front


702:  DIORAMA-LARGE, Having a Base Larger Than Twelve Inches

3rd Place                             

2nd Place   Innocents Lost                            Gary Morgan              

1st Place    Battling Bitch in the                   Joe Cassurini  



703:  VIGNETTES-(2 to 4 figures ONLY-NO VEHICLES), All Eras and Scales

3rd Place    WW I Vignettes                          Anthony Boccanfuso          

2nd Place   Brothers                                       Igor Karpov             

1st Place     Over the Top                              Steven O’Connell     



Triathlon, Quintathalon and Miscellaneous Categories: 801-803

801:  Triathlon-Three Unrelated Subjects-All Scales

3rd Place    Frog Stuka                    Allan Buttrick

2nd Place   Model Airways             Matt Kozerski

1st Place    Bobs Boys                     Gary Morgan           


802:  Quintathalon-Five RELATED Subjects



803:  Miscellaneous- See Rule 16

3rd Place    German 75mm Ammo Cart      Joe Yeager         

2nd Place   Bates Mansion                            Susan Morgan           

1st Place    Dave 4th of May                          Gary Morgan            



Junior Category:  901

901:  JUNIORS- 13 and Under, All Types and Scales

4th Place   B-52                                Jacob Mansfield             

3rd Place   B-29                                Logan Vohrer             

2nd Place   BOAC Britannia            Hunter Vohrer        

1st Place   Gundam Zaku Jenny Zhany          




“BEST OF” Awards

AIRCRAFT   Ki-84                                                            Dario Giulano                       

ARMOR       KV 1/KV-1S Hybrid                                    Neil Stokes                                  

AUTO           Don Garlits Dragster                               Paul Drago                            

SHIP             Tirpitz                                                          Martin Quinn                       

FIGURE        German Falllschirmjager                       Rich Marotta                            

Sci-Fi            March of the Titans                                 Steven O’Connell                             

DIORAMA   Someway on the Eastern Front             Rich Marotta                    


JUDGES BEST IN SHOW   March of the Titans         Steven O’Connell