Contest Rules

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Contest Categories

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One form is to be filled out per contestant that will list all your models entered. This form is to be given to the Admissions person. He will collect your fee, assign an ENTRANT NUMBER on it, and you will bring it to the MODEL REGISTRATION DESK.

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Fill out one MODEL ENTRY FORM per model and place it on the table with the correct model. Remember! Any Out-of-Box category must have the kit's instructions on the table with the MODEL ENTRY FORM. Filling out these forms above in advance will save much of your time at the show.

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Long Island Scale Model Society

RepLICon 28  --- March 25, 2017

Freeport, New York



101 -  Prop-1:72 Scale and Smaller

3rd Place            P-47D “Thunderbolt”        Steve Adler

 2nd Place          B-26G “Maurauder”          Mike Turco

1st Place            Beaufighter                        Dario Juliano


102 -  JET-1:72 Scale and Smaller

3rd Place         Douglass B-66(?)                Ray O’Neil

2nd Place         F-15E                                  Robert Galletto

1st Place          B-57E “Canberra”               Mike Turco


103 -  PROP-Single Engine- 1:48 Scale

3rd Place        P-47D-10 “Thunderbolt”            Frank Steffans

2nd Place        F4U “Corsair”                             Michael Mackey       

1st Place        J4N, “Jenny”                               Joe Haberkorn


104 -  PROP-Multi Engined- 1:48 Scale

3rd Place        A-20G “Havoc”                      Konstantin Lukyanov

2nd Place       P-61B                                      Marshall Voizard

1st Place        G4M “Betty”                           Paul Diederich 


105 -  JET – Single and Multi Engine- 1:48 Scale

3rd Place                 X35 Stealth Jet                   Joe Yeager

2nd Place                 Mirage IIIC                       Paul Diederich

1st Place                  Me-262A-O                       Steve Muth


106 -  PROP-  Single and Multi Engine – 1:32 Scale and Larger

3rd Place                 P-51 “Mustang”                          Robert LaPorta

2nd Place                 Hawker “Tempest” Mk.IV         Robert DeMaio

1st Place                  Albatross D-III                           Joe Haberkorn


107 -  JET-  1:32 Scale and Larger – 1:32 Scale and Larger

1st Place                  Me-263 “Komet”                Paul Gudney


108 -  Helicopter and Rotary Wing – All Types and Scales

            NO ENTRIES


109 -  Civilian Aircraft, All Types and Scales

1st Place       KLM MD-11 Jetliner               Steve Jacobsen


110 -  Vacforms, Scratchbuilts and Major Conversions – All Types and Scales

1st Place                  SM-73                     Ray O’Neil

 111 – SPACECRAFT-NON Fiction – All Types and Scales

3rd Place                 L.E.M.                                Robert LaPorta        

2nd Place                 Gemini Space Capsule       Mike Sgroi

3rd Place                 Voyager Spacecraft            Mike Turco



201 -  Tracked and Wheeled Vehicles-1:72 Scale and Smaller

BRONZE                  Panzer III                    Joe Yeager

SILVER                   Polish TK-3                 Mike Salzano

                                 M-7 “Priest”                Tim Greeman

GOLD                     Panzer IA                     Mike Salzano

                                Sherman Mk.II            Tim Greeman

                                 Jeep                            Andy Tedtsen

                                 Jagdtiger                    Andy Tedtsen


202 -  Tracked and Wheeled Vehicles- 1:48 Scale and under 1:35 Scale

BRONZE                  PzKpfw 38T                      Joe Yeager

                                  Polish Armored Car          Rick Verriest

GOLD                       Soviet IS-2                        Jim Rosado


203 -  TRACKED Vehicles-CLOSED TOP, Pre 1946-AXIS- 1:35 Scale and Larger

BRONZE                  PzKpfw IA-Flamm             Joe Yeager

SILVER                   Command Panther G           Dan Feldman

                                  Panther G, FHH                  Dan Feldman


204 -  TRACKED Vehicles- OPEN TOP, Pre 1946-ALLIED- 1:35 Scale and Larger

BRONZE                  T-34 at Kursk                   Jim Naveira

SILVER                   M2A4 Light Tank             Frank Socci

                                 A30 “Challenger”             Jim Guld

GOLD                     ISU-152                            Jim Rosado

                                IS-2                                 Neil Stokes


205 -  TRACKED Vehicles-CLOSED TOP-POST 1945-1:35 Scale and Larger        

BRONZE                  Weasel                                Jeffrey DeRose

                                  M-1 “Abrams”                   Robert DeMaio

SILVER                     Egyptian Su-100               Rich Marotta

GOLD                     German E-25                       Jim Rosado


206 -  TRACKED Vehicles-OPEN TOP-1:35 Scale and Larger

GOLD                   ZIS-30                                  Joe Yeager

                             M4 High Speed Tractor        Frank Socci


207 -  WHEELED Vehicles and HALFTRACKS-All Types-1:35 Scale and Larger

BRONZE                  Bazooka Jeep                    Frank Socci

                                 Russian Gaz “Tiger”          Jeffrey DeRosa


SILVER                  V-100 MP Patrol               “Doc” Wiseman

                                 M3 Scout Car                     Frank Socci

GOLD                     T-17 E2                               James Guld

                                Schwimmwagen                 Joe Yeager


208 -  Ordnance and Towed-1:35 Scale and Larger

BRONZE                  Bomarc                            Steve Muth             

                                  Nike “Ajax”                    Doug Tantillo


SILVER                 3.7cm PAK 35/36               Andy Tedtsen

                             T-20 Towing 37mm 35/36    Joe Yeager

                             Pre-Civil War Mortar            Tim Greeman

                             Horch and 3.7cm Pak 36       Tim Greeman

GOLD                    Granatwerfer 34                  Andy Tedtsen

                             21 cm MRS 16                      Steve Andreano

                             15 cm SIG                             Steve Andreano

                             K5 (E) “Leopold”                  Robert DeMaio


209 -  Vac-Forms, Scratchbuilt and Major Conversions-All Types and Scales


BRONZE                  Staghound Mk.III               Tim Greeman

SILVER                     T-20 3.7 SPG                     Joe Yeager




301 -  STREET STOCK-(Incuding Fire and Police) 1:42 to 1:20 Scales.

3rd Place                 1958 Impala                         Robert Delk  

2nd Place                 Aston Martin DBS               Jim Boulukos

1st Place                  1934 Dusenberg SJ             Mike Turco


302 -  CUSTOM CARS, 1:42 to 1:20 Scales

2nd Place                 1953 Ford Truck                 Bruce Zalezuick

1st Place                  1949 Ford Coupe               Greg Hunt


303 -  COMPETITION- OPEN WHEELED- 1:42 to 1:20 Scales

3rd Place                 1964 Ford T-Bolt                Robert Deck

2nd Place                 Duracell Indy Car                Rich Caserma          

1st Place                  1966 Chevelle Funny Car      Greg Hunt


304 -  COMPETITION-CLOSED WHEEL-1:42 to 1:20 Scales

3rd Place                 1968 Dodge Dart                   Bernard Barty

2nd Place                 Takata Dome NSX                Jim Bouloukos

1st Place                  1924 Bugatti Type 35B         Mike Turco


305 -  Commercial Vehicles and Trucks, 1:42 to 1:20 Scales

3rd Place                 1950 Chevy Tow truck           Ted Pappacena

2nd Place                 Z-15-42                              Joe Yeager

3rd Place                 1940 Ford Pick Up             Greg Hunt


306 -  AUTOMOTIVE-All Types, 1:19 Scale and Larger

3rd Place                 1977 Lotus JPS Mk.III                  Mike Turco

2nd Place                 Peterbuilt 367 Roll off                  Jesse Bosko

1st Place                  Ferrari 312T F-1 Car                     Bill Schmidt


307 -  MOTORCYCLES- All Types and Scales

1st Place                  1995 Moto Guzzi V10 Centauro       Mike Turco



SHIPS- 400:

401 -  ENGINE POWERED VESSELS, 1/500 Scale and Smaller

                                                     NO ENTRIES


402 – ENGINE POWERED VESSELS, Larger than 1/500 Scale

3rd Place                 HMS MELTON                   Felix Bustelo

2nd Place                 S-100 Schnellboot               Robert DeMaio

1st Place                  USS INTREPID                  Martin Quinn



403 -  SUBMARINES-All Types and Scales

3rd Place                 French Submarine, SURCOUF      Matt Kozarski

2nd Place                 RM Enrico Tazzoli                         Felix Bustello

1st Place                  British X Craft                               Al Bubnis


404 -  SAIL or MAN powered Vessels-All Types and Scales

1st Place                  Viking Ship                                  Joe Haberkorn




501 -  54 mm and Smaller

BRONZE             British MP, Red Cap                      Andy Tedtson

                             German Winter Soldier            Joe Yeager

SILVER                Female Rogue                         Colin Wessel

                             The Good, Bad and Ugly         Luis Silva

Gold                    German Soldier at Rest            Dario Giuliano

                             Beloved                                     Ben Santiago

                             Italian Paratrooper                    Rich Marotta

                             Napoleonic Trumpeter             Rick Verriest


502 -  Larger than 54 mm

BRONZE                  The Lusitanian                       Luis Silva

 SILVER                        Musketeer                          Colin Wessel 

GOLD                     Viet Nam Door Gunner           Adrian DeBattista



503 -  MOUNTED

GOLD                     Celtic 20th Legion                  Luis Silva



BRONZE                 Pappaflessas                          Al Bubnis

SILVER      per, Foot Grenadiers of the Guard       Michael Gondor

GOLD                    Jaime-1                                     Ben Santiago

                               Mermaid                                   Rick Verriest




601-FICTIONAL Spacecraft-All Types and Scales

BRONZE                  Bird of Prey                                Jeff Pollizzotto

                                 Imperial Guard Taurux                 Rick Verriest

SILVER                   Retriever Rocket                          Mike Turco

                                 Spinne Light Panzerwalker          Tim Greeman

GOLD                     USS ENTERPRISE (Motion Picture)         Scott Muro

                                AT-ST                                          Ben Santiago


602 -   Fictional Beings-All Types and Scales

BRONZE                Little Red Riding Hood---AIN’T         Luis Silva

SILVER                  Conan the Barbarian                           Luis Silva

                                Gorgo                                Jeff Pollizzotto

GOLD                     Han Solo                           Adrian DeBattista     

                                Dracula                              Ben Santiago


603 -  WARCRAFT and Fantasy Wargaming- All Scales

SILVER                M6AS Hovertank                Jeff Pollizzotto

                             River Troll                            Rick Verriest

GOLD                 Jerry Flame Combat Suit      Joseph Barrett


604 -  STEAMPUNK- All Scales

BRONZE                  Nautilus                            Rick Verriest

SILVER                    War Machine                   Tim Greeman



701 -  SMALL- 12” Base and Smaller-All Scales

BRONZE                  A Walk in the Park              Luis Silva

                                  No Man’s Land                   Jim Rosado

SILVER                    Bloody ‘Ell                         Al Bubnis

                                 Ost Front                           Steve Andreanno

                                 Final Push                         Jim Guld

GOLD                     Garage Diorama                 Greg Hunt


702 -  LARGE- Having a base LARGER than 12”-All Scales

BRONZE                  KLM at the Gate               Steve Jacobsen

SILVER                   A Moment of Peace in a Time of War         Luis Silva

                                 LCVP                                Joe Yeager

GOLD                      RUN!!                               Neil E. Das




703 -  VIGNETTES- 2 to 4 Figures-NO Vehicles-All Scales

BRONZE                  Russian Light Canon         Tim Greeman

SILVER                  The Invitation                       Luis Silva

GOLD                     Conan vs Xalutan               Adrian DeBattista



801 -  TRIATHLON-Three Unrelated Subjects-(Aircraft-Auto-Ship) All Scales

3rd Place        PT-109, 67 Dodge, P-51D              Bernard Barty

2nd Place       A6M Zero, Bomark A, Pteranodon   Steve Muth

1st Place        39’ Chevy Street Rod, F-89D, M4A3          Mike Turco


802 -  QUINTATHLON- Five RELATED Subjects- All Scales

3rd Place                 US NAVY VTOL Concept Aircraft        Mike Turco

2nd Place                 German Wonder Weapons                      Steve Muth

1st Place                  World Leaders                                      Mike Gondor


803 -  MISCELLANEOUS- Subjects NOT placed in Preceding Categories-All Scales

3rd Place                 Scrathbuilt Wood Trailer              Joe Yeager

2nd Place                 Maudslay’s Paddle Engine           Matt Kozerski

1st Place                  The Home Coming                       Luis Silva




901 -  JUNIORS, 12 Years and Under, All Types and Scales

SILVER                    Red Race Car                              Vincent Morini

GOLD                     German Armored Car                    Armania Castillo

902 -  JUNIORS, Ages 13 Through 17

GOLD                       Bart Simpson                              Kamila Lukyanova




Best AIRCRAFT                  JN-4D “Jenny”                Joe Haberkorn

Best ARMOR                      T17-E2                               James Guld

Best Automotive                Ferrari 312T                        Bill Schmidt

Best Ship                          USS INTREPID                    Martin Quinn

Best Figure                        Vietnam Door Gunner          Adrian DeBattista

Best Sci-Fi                         USS ENTERPRISE             Scott Muro


Best “Braille Scale” Subject            Jagdtiger                 Andy Tedtsen

Best Allied Armor                         T17-E2                    Jim Guld

Best Axis Armor                           15cm SIG                Steven Andreano

Best English Subject                     Beaufighter              Dario Juliano


Judges Best in Show                     J4N “Jenny”             Joe Haberkorn