Noreastcon 45 Regional Contest - A Huge Success!

See the video below to capture our event! Halftrack Rides were very popular as you will see by the drone views taken. Will we be back?

NorEastCon 45

IPMS/USA Region One Show and Contest

Hosted by the Long Island Scale Model Society

At theMuseum of American Armor

April 29th and 30th, 2017

Official Contest Results:


Aircraft Categories


101 Single Engine Prop-1:72 Scale & Smaller

3rd Place          Jack Gallagher             Gloster Gladiator (Finn)

2nd Place          David Pratt                  Bf-109F-2

1st Place           Dario Giuliano             F4U “Corsair”


102 Multi-Engine Prop-1:72 Scale & Smaller

3rd Place          Jim Dinacola               PB2Y-3 “Coronado”

2nd Place          David Pratt                 Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV F

1st Place           Bill Schmidt                P-38J Lightning


103 Jet Aircraft-1:72 Scale & Smaller

3rd Place          Ray O’Neill                  F-84G “Thunderjet”

2nd place          Bill Schmidt                EA-6A “Intruder”

1st Place           David Pratt                 A-4B “Skyhawk”


104 Single Engine Prop-1:48 Scale-ALLIED-SPLIT, Non-American Marked

3rd                    Dario Giuliano             Spitfire Mk.IXc

2nd                    David Pratt                 Seafire Mk.IIc

1st Place            Tim Burke                   Polikarpov I-153


104A Single Engine Prop-1:48 Scale-ALLIED-SPLIT, American Marked

3rd Place          Kevin Batterman            Spitfire Mk.IXc           

2nd Place          Paul Diederich                P-51D “Mustang”

1st Place          Kyle Koppos                   Boeing N2S-3 “Stearman”


105 Single Engine Prop-1:48 Scale-AXIS

3rd Place TIE    Michael Mackey            Focke-Wulf Fw-190D-9

3rd Place TIE    Kyle Koppos                 Kawanishi N1K1Ja “Shinden”

2nd Place          David Pratt                  Focke-Wulf Fw-190A-3

1st Place          Frederick J Seitz III      Kawanishi N1K1Ja “Shinden”


106 Multi Engine Prop-1:48 Scale

3rd Place          Kevin Batterman         Bristol Beaufighter

2nd Place          Nick Filippone             Vickers Wellington

1st Place           Robert DeMaio            Ju-88 P-1



107 Jet Aircraft-1:48 Scale

3rd Place TIE        Kyle Koppos                       Bereznyak-I Sayev BI

3rd Place TIE     Art Loder                    Me-262B-2a

2nd Place          Nick Filippone             Supermarine Attacker F.1

1st Place           Dan Brown                 Horton Ho-229


108 Single & Multi Engine Prop-1:32 & Larger

3rd Place          Mike Scarborough      DFW C.V

2nd Place          Kevin Batterman       Hawker Tempest Mk.V

1st Place           Joe Haberkorn          Fe.2b


109 Single & Multi Engine Jet-1:32 Scale & Larger

1st Place           Bill Schmidt                 F4-D “Phantom”


110 Civil & Civil Use Aircraft-All Scales

3rd Place          Ron Morini                  Ryan Spirit of St. Louis

2nd Place          Steve Jacobsen            Aeroflot AN-22

1st Place           Jim Dinicola                Be-200 Amphibian


111 Rotary Wing Aircraft-All Scales

3rd Place          Jim Terry                     OH-13 “Sioux”

2nd Place          Bill Schmidt                 SH-60B “Seahawk”

1st Place           Jim Dinacola               UH-34D “Seahorse”


112 Scratch Built, Vac Forms, Major Conversions-All Types & Scales

3rd Place          Ray O’Neill                     Savoia Marchetti SM-85

2nd Place          Jim Dinacola                   McDonnell XF-88       

1st Place           Micheal Scarbourogh       Hansa-Brandenburg W-12


113 Out of the Box-AIRCRAFT-All Types & Scales

3rd Place          Frederick J Seitz III       F6F-5 “Hellcat”

2nd Place          Steve Adler                  Spitfire P.R. XIX

1st Place           Robert DeMaio              Ju-87B-2 “Stuka”


114 BEST of the BEST-AIRCRAFT-All Typed & Scales

3rd Place TIE    Ron Morini                  F9F-5 “Panther”

3rd Place TIE    Frederick J Seitz III      P-40N-5-Cu “Warhawk”

2nd Place          Dario Giuliano             SBD-3 “Dauntless”     

1st Place          Joe Haberkorn             Albatros DV-a


Armor-Military Vehicles Catogories


201 Military Vehicles-1:72 Scale and & Smaller- All Types & Scales

3rd Place          Tim Greeman               Austin Ac

2nd Place          Joe Yeager                  Polish TK-3

1st Place           Tim Burke                   C2P Tractor & Bofors Gun


202 Military Vehicles-1:48 Scale, All Types

3rd Place          Jim Terry                     German “Tiger” I (Early)

2nd Place          Dave Pross                  Lebaese Christian “Sherman”

1st Place           Patrick Gallagher        Tiger I, 505th Schwere


203 FULL Tracked-CLOSED Top-AFV’s-ALLIED-1:35 Scale & Larger-SPLIT-US Marked

3rd Place          Gus Garcia                  M-26 “Pershing”

2nd Place          Brian Fowler               M-26 “Pershing” Fireball

1st Place           James Guid                M4A3/75


203A FULL Tracked-CLOSED Top-AFV’s ALLIED-1:35 Scale & Larger-SPLIT   -Non US

3rd Place          Jim Incavo                   Mr. Hobarts Flame Thrower

2nd Place          Barclay Caras              KATZ-16

1st Place           Dave Pross                  Renault FT-17


204 FULL Tracked-CLOSED Top AFV’s AXIS-1:35 Scale & Larger-SPLIT- HEAVY

3rd Place          Dave Pross                  Panther Ausf F

2nd Place          Edward Savedo           King Tiger

1st Place           Dan Feldman              Jagdpanther


204A FULL Tracked-CLOSED Top AFV’s AXIS-1:35 Scale & Larger-SPLIT-LIGHT

3rd Place TIE    Joe Yeager                  German Captured T-40

3rd Place TIE    Neil Stokes                  Panzer IIIE

2nd Place          Bill Koppos                  Sturmgeschutz III

1st Place           Vines D’Alessio            Panzer IV


205 FULL Tracked-CLOSED & OPEN Top-Post 1945-1:35 Scale and Larger

3rd Place          Rich Marotta               Nagmashot Israeli APC

3rd Place          Dave Pross                  Iraqi T-55 “Enigma”

2nd Place          Matt Pritchett              SLA Tiran 5

1st Place           Steven O’Connell        T-54


206 FULL Tracked-OPEN Top AFV’s PRE 1946-1:35 Scale and Larger

3rd Place          Patrick Gallagher          Landwasserschlepper

2nd Place          Joe Yeager                  Bison 2c SPG

1st Place           Dave Pross                 Geschutzwagen VI 21cm Morter


207 Softskins, Haltracks, Armored Cars & Wheeled Vehicles-1:35 Scale & Larger,

        SPLIT-Allied Vehicles

3rd Place          Kevin Batterman         Dukw

2nd Place          Barclay Caras             Mk.I “Terrapin”

1st Place           Jim Guld                    C15 Recaptured


207A Softskins, Halftracks, Armored Cars & Wheeled Vehicles-1:35 Scale & Larger,


3rd Place           Dan Brown                 FAMO Tank Transporter

2nd Place          Joe Yeager                  German Sdkfz 234/3

1st Place           Patrick Gallagher        Czech Skoda “Turtle”


208 Ordnance & Prime Movers-Towed, Fixed, Siege & Rail-1:35 Scale and Larger

3rd Place          Robert DeMaio             K5 (E)  “Leopold”

2nd Place          Steven Andreano         21 cm Morser 16

1st Place           Steven O’Connell         SIG 33


209 Scrathcbuilt, Vac Forms, Major Converts, All Types & Scales

3rd place          Barclay Caras              SU-76i

2nd Place          Dave Pross                  E-79, Unpainted Prototype

1st Place           Charlie Rowley            1953 R-3 Rescue


210 Out of the Box-ARMOR-All Types and Scales

3rd Place          Joseph Denza              M4 “Easy Eight” Sherman     

2nd Place          Dan Brown                  M901 Launching Station

1st Place           Robert DeMaio            Jagdtiger


211 BEST of the BEST-ARMOR-All Types and Scales-SPLIT-(WWII)

3rd Place          Barclay Caras               Ns. Ispug

2nd Place          Robert DeMaio             M-40 GMC

1st Place           Dan Feldman               Panther G-Close Call


211A BEST of the BEST-ARMOR-All Types and Scales-SPLIT-(Non WWII)

3rd Place          Steven Andreano         77mm Anti Balloon Gun

2nd Place          Dave Pross                  Afghan Scavenger Hunt

1st Place           Charlie Rowley            Type O-5 Crash Truck


Automotive Categories


301 Factory & Custom Show Cars-All Scales

3rd Place          Bernard Barty              1971 Cuda’

2nd Place          Chris Ortlieb                Jeep Wrangler Rubicon         

1st Place           Jim Boulukos               Nissan 350 Z


302 Street Rods-1:25 Scale & Larger

                        NO ENTRIES


303 Competition Cars-OPEN Wheel and Dragsters-1:25 Scale & Larger

3rd Place          ‘Doc’ Wiseman              Will’s ‘Gasser’

2nd Place          Jim Boulukos                Kurtiskraft 1955 Indy Winner

1st Place           Paul Smith                   Williams FW07


304 Competition Cars-CLOSED Wheel-1:25 Scale & Larger

3rd Place          ‘Doc’ Wiseman             Lexus SC

2nd Place          Bernard Barty             1969 Chevy Nova

1st Place           Paul Smith                  Mazda 787B


305 Street Machines & Pro Street & Muscle Cars-1:25 Scale & Larger

3rd Place          N/A

2nd Place          N/A

1st Place          Jim Boulukos               1967 “427” Shelby Cobra


306 All Automotive-1:18 Scale & Larger

2nd Place          Jim Boulukos               Mc Laren M6

1st Place           Paul Smith                   Mc Laren M23


307 Commercial & Emergency Vehicles-Fire, Police, Emergency-All Scales

3rd Place          John Matthews            Junk Car Hauler

2nd Place          Joe Yeager                  Z-15-5

1st Place           Charlie Rowley            Ford Forest Fire Truck


308 Motorcycles-All Types & Scales

3rd Place          Joe Yeager                  BMW with Side Car

2nd Place          Bernard Barty             Custom Chopper

1st Place           Chris Ortlieb               Steam Punk Chopper


309 BEST of the BEST-AUTOMOTIVE-All Types and Scales

3rd Place          Joe Yeager                  VW w/haul-wood Conv.

2nd Place          Jim Boulukos              Mercedes DTM 2000

1st Place           Charlie Rowley           1937 Seagrave TD Aerial Truck


SHIP Categories


401 Oar, Sail & Man Powered Vessels-All Types and Scales

3rd Place TIE    Boat Steve                 HMS Victory

3rd Place TIE    Phil Mahar                  Cutty Sark

2nd Place          Rick Verriest               Fishing Schooner

1st Place           Ed Moskowicz             Fair American


402 POWERED-SMALL SCALE-1:401 Scale & Smaller

3rd Place          Boat Steve                   USS Block Island

2nd Place          Nick Filippone               Le Hoche        

1st Place           Dan Kaplan                  IJN Shimikaze


403 POWERED-LARGE SCALE-1:400 Scale & Larger

3rd Place  TIE   Peter Canning              PBR 31, Mk II

3rd Place  TIE   Robert DeMaio             S-100 Schnellboote

2nd Place          Felix Bustelo              Tug “Hermes”

1st Place           Devin Poore                USS Benson


404 SUBMARINES-All Types & Scales

2nd Place          Phil Mahar                  Type VIIC U-Boote      

1st Place           Felix Bustelo                HMS M3


405 BEST of the BEST-SHIPS-All Types & Scales

2nd Place          Felix Bustelo                USS Boston

1st Place           Barclay Caras              Bathysphere


FIGURES Categories


501 Foot and Mounted, 30mm & Smaller

3rd Place          Tim Greeman              Metal Locomotive Man

2nd Place          Dario Giuliano             German Soldier at Rest         

1st Place           Steve O’Connell          Death


502 Foot and Mounted, 31mm to 90mm

3rd Place          Steve O’Connell          Codlite Tis

2nd Place          Rick Verriest               French Drummer

1st Place           John Espey                British Lancer


503 Foot and Mounted, 90mm & Larger

3rd Place          Joe Bergman               U-Boote Captain

2nd Place          Joe Yeager                  CBR Technician

1st Place           John Espey                 US G.I., Ardennes, 1944


504 Busts-All Types & Scales

3rd Place          Al Bubnis                   Zaporozhian Cossacks

2nd Place          Micheal Gondor          Saladin

1st Place           John Espey                Waffen SS Grenagier, 1944




601 Factual Spacecraft & Equipment, All Types & Scales

2nd Place          Ron Morini                  Gemini Space Capsule

1st Place           Paul Smith                  Saturn 1B


602 Fictional Spacecraft, All Types & Scales

3rd Place  TIE   John D. Cook               Deep Space Nine

3rd Place  TIE   Icie L. Cook                 Republic Cruiser

2nd Place          Ron Morini                  Cavorit Sphere

1st Place           Jeff Pollizzotto             Romulan Aggressor


603 Fiction & Fantasy Vehicles, Equipment, Powered Suits & Steam Punk (Except Ships)

3rd Place          Georg Eyerman          The Olde Duck Sturmkrote

2nd Place  TIE   Gordon D. Cheung      Mobile Suit Gundam Gogg

2nd Place  TIE   Matt P. Deival             ESDF M-61A-5 Tank

1st Place           Steve O’Connell          “Bringer of Death”




604 Fiction & Fantasy Characters from Sci-Fi, TV, Movies, Comic Books $ Graphic Novels

3rd Place          Tim Greeman              The Remnant Monster

2nd Place          Jeff Pollizzotto             War of the Worlds, Martian

1st Place           Rick Verriest               Merlin


DIORAMAS: Categories 701-703


701  SMALL Diorama, 12” Base & Smaller-All Scales-SPLIT-NON WWII

3rd Place          Ed Mostowicz             Fishing Trawler

2nd Place          Marc Weinstein          The Bird Catchers

1st Place           Al Bubnis                   Bloody ‘Ell


701A  SMALL Diorama, 12” Base & Smaller-All Scales-SPLIT- WWII

3rd Place          Steve Andreano          “Another Late Snow”

2nd Place          Patrick Gallagher        “Atlantic Wall Surrender”

1st Place           Joe Tucillo                  “Getting Ready”


701B  SMALL Diorama, 12” Base & Smaller-All Scales-SPLIT-Sci-Fi

3rd Place          Jeff Pollizzotto             “You’ve got one on your tail…”

2nd Place          Allen Winter                “Damnation Alley”

1st Place           Rick Cipriano               “Hanger 33”


702  LARGE Diorama, Base Larger than 12”, All Types-

3rd Place          Luis Silva                     UDT Boat & Frogman in Training

2nd Place          Linda LeFleur              “Psycho House”

1st Place           Dave Ostapiuk             Soviet KV-1S Heavy Tank


703  VIGNETTES-Figures Only-No Vehicles

3rd Place          Neil Stokes                  “Open up I gotta pee”

2nd Place          James Guld                  “Final Push”

1st Place           Steven O’Connell         “Stalingrad”


MISCELLANEOUS: Categories 801-803


801  TRIATHLON-Three Unrelated Subjects

3rd Place  TIE   Michael Scarborough       Albatros W4-Building-July 1099

3rd Place  TIE   Tim Burke                      VW, Nieuport 17, Sub

2nd Place          Al Bubnis                                

1st Place           Brian Fowler



3rd Place          Paul Smith                   Modern GT3 Race Cars

2nd Place          Bill Koppos                  1930-1940 Armored Cars

1st Place           Michael Gondor            Collection of Busts




803  MISCELLANEOUS-All Entries Not Listed in Above Categories

3rd Place  TIE   Steve Muth                  Pteranodon

3rd Place  TIE   Kevin Batterman           Meglaceras

2nd Place          Pat Schwab                  Elasmusauras

1st Place           Matt Kozerski              Flintlock Pistol


JUNIORS: Categories


901  BANTAM-Age 12 & Under-All Entries

1st Place           Jacob Mansfield          Blue Angel F-18


902  JUNIORS: Ages 13 to 17, All Entries

                           NO ENTRIES





Best Braille Scale Awar                    C2P Tractor & BoFors Gun    Tim Burke

Best World War II Vehicle-ALLIED     FFn3 Crash Truck           Charlie Rowley

Best World War II Vehicle-AXIS        Geschutzwagen VI 21cm      Dave Pross



Best AIRCRAFT           Joe Haberkorn             FE-2B

Best ARMOR               Charlie Rowley            1953 R-2 Rescue Truck

Best AUTOMOTIVE      Paul Smith                   Mc Laren M-23

Best SHIP                  Dan Kaplan                  IJN Shimakaze

Best FIGURE              John Espey                   U.S. GI Ardenne 1944

Best SCI-FI                Steve O’Connell          “Bringer of Death”

Judges Best in Show   Charlie Rowley            1953 R-2 Rescue Truck


IPMS/USA Region One Chapter Cup Winner

*** Long Island Scale Model Society ***